What we do

What we do

Tooth grinding is now measurable.

Using our SmartSplint technology, dentists can record detailed data about their patients’ bruxism (tooth grinding) to guide and optimise their dental care.


  • 01 Clinical data
  • 02 Better Treatment Planning
  • 03 Better Splint Usage
  • 04 Better Clinical Outcomes
  • 01 Understand your condition
  • 02 Understand your treatment
  • 03 Prevent future damage
  • 04 Better Clinical Outcomes

How it works

How It Works SmartSplint

SmartSplint converts a normal protective splint into a sophisticated bruxism measurement device. Our CE Marked sensor technology records unique data about each patient’s bruxism, which is then uploaded to the cloud.

Dentists and patients can review the analysed data in a simple user friendly format.

  • Better treatment planning
  • Lower risk of failures
  • Better splint compliance
  • Better patient engagement
  • Better business

Patient Report

  • Multi-night Bruxism Recordings
  • Area of mouth affected
  • Splint compliance
  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Jaw movement pattern
SelfSense App

Treatment decisions from SmartSplint data:

  • Scope of overall treatment
  • Approach to weak teeth
  • Restoration choice
  • Implant planning
  • Material selection
  • Occlusal scheme
Key Facts


Key Facts:

  • 01

    Affects 1/5 people

  • 02

    Bruxism bite force can be >100kg

  • 03

    Implants have up to 40 times more complications

  • 04

    Veneers fail 7 times faster




SmartSplint has revolutionised how I manage bruxism patients in my clinical practice.

For the first time, I have data to show me the cases with a higher risk of failure before treatment starts. Now I can customise my treatment to minimise that risk. Very often, the plan has completely changed based on the data. Patients find the device really easy to use and compliance rates have been over 90%. The data graphics make it so much easier to engage patients and explain their treatment options.

Dr Padraig McAuliffe, Prosthodontist,
CSO SelfSense Technologies

Our Process

Better Clinical Outcomes
Better Clinical Outcomes


Our Process

  • Step 01 Dentist sends impressions to SelfSense
  • Step 02 SelfSense makes SmartSplint
  • Step 03 Dentist fits custom SmartSplint
  • Step 04 Patient uses device at home nightly
  • Step 05 Data uploaded to the cloud
  • Step 06 Dentist & patient review data and improve bruxism management

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